Instituto Superior Politécnico Sol Nascente

Logótipo Logo‘The Institute wants to assert itself not only as a place of meritocracy, but also as a space of the need for continuous assessment of the “ethics” of meritocracy, hence its motto “Honor, labor et meritum.”’ Dr Inacio Valentim, General Director

‘The management of ISPSN will maintain its focus on scientific research by teachers and students of Huambo and Bie to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the provinces.’ David Boio, Dean of the ISPSN


To promote the development of technical and human skills of Angolan leaders, through the provision of higher education of the highest quality based on science ​​and individual responsibility.

Undergraduate Courses
•    International Relations and Political Science
•    Law
•    Economy
•    Nursing
•    Finance and Accounting
•    Human Resource Management
•    History and Didactics
•    IT Management
•    Psychology and Didactics
•    Sociology

Center for Applied Research Ethics (CISEA)
As an interdisciplinary research institution CISEA enhances the academic and scientific activities of the Institute and contributes to the training and development of Angolan researchers. The Center encourages researchers to publish in other academic areas and publishes articles of internal and external researchers submitted for arbitration. It seeks to develop partnerships with various research institutes through the collaboration of outside investigators assigned to other centres.

Social Responsibility
Our aim is to promote the Institute in the community in which it operates with the following objectives:

  • Provide annual scholarships to needy students who demonstrate academic abilities and skills to successfully pursue their studies.
  • Support local researchers in the region and publish works of scientific merit.
  • Promote, through the work of students, the development of a programme to spread environmental awareness, the values ​​of conservation and preservation of the environment.
  •  Co-operate with the authorities of the region to develop a school sports programme, enhancing the capacities of young people and contributing to their development.