Universidade José Eduardo dos Santos


The University of José Eduardo dos Santos (UJES) is a public higher education institution with its headquarters in the Huambo Province of Angola.

UJES was created by the Government of Angola through Decree no. 7/09 of the Council of Ministers in 2009, when it was decided to resize Agostinho Neto University and to expand higher education throughout the region.

The creation, preservation and diffusion of knowledge, as well as the provision of services to the community in which it is rooted, with the primary purpose to train highly qualified staff capable of meeting the current challenges and to promote sustainable development and the welfare of the region and the communities in which they act.

UJES offers 29 undergraduate courses and five master’s programmes.


  • Medicine
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Agricultural Science
  • Veterinary Medicine

Higher Polytechnic Institutes

  • Huambo Polytechnic
  • Bié Polytechnic
  • Moxico Polytechnic

Huambo City is home to the University’s Medical School and the Higher Polytechnic Institute. Undergraduate courses offered on the Huambo campus are at the Medical School and the Higher Nursing and Clinical Laboratory as well as at the various faculties; these include Agronomy and Forestry, Veterinary Science, Law, Business Management, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, Electromedical, and Architecture.


Master’s courses at Huambo Campus

  • Law
  • Food Technology and Animal Production
  • Agronomy and Natural Resources
  • Management Sciences
  • Taxation, Accounting and Corporate Finance

Kuito City Campus in Bié Province

The Polytechnic School of Bié houses the Higher School of Nursing, clinical laboratories, the departments of Accounting and Management, Water Resources, and Social Communication and Psychology.

Luena City Campus in Moxico Province

At the Polytechnic School of Moxico courses are offered in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Computer Science, Accounting and Management, Higher Nursing, and Clinical Laboratory studies.

UJES has had a steady growth rate of about 2,000 students per annum there are currently some 12,240 students enrolled for undergraduate studies and 195 students in the master’s degree programme.