Midlands State University

Established in 1999, Midlands State University has grown phenomenally in terms of the student and staff population as well as in the range of programmes, which include undergraduate, postgraduate and lifelong-learning programmes.

Since its inception, the University has produced more than 24,998 graduates. Student enrolment currently stands at 21,000 and is served by a staff compliment of 1,300.

Driven by values of sensitivity to gender equality and equity, the needs of the disadvantaged and a Pan-African culture, Midlands State University prides itself in being Zimbabwe’s leading university, producing innovative and enterprising graduates who have made a positive impact both locally and globally.

Propelled by a passion for excellence, the University offers degrees in the Arts, Commerce, Education, Law, Natural Resources Management and Agriculture, Science and Technology and Social Sciences, and has opened its doors for degrees in Medicine and Mining Sciences.

Our unwavering commitment to quality research, teaching and learning has ensured that we remain the University of Choice in various fields of academic endeavour.

Cognisant of the fact that, ‘charity begins at home’, Midlands State University has pioneered a vibrant Community Engagement Programme with initiatives that are positively transforming the lives of both rural and urban communities in many parts of Zimbabwe.


MSU staff facilitating a workshop in a rural community

At Midlands State University, research is not only geared at breaking new ground and responding to national aspirations, but is also the surest and most fertile ground for producing academic staff for our universities.