University of November 11


Founded in 1996, the University of November 11 (UON) is a multi-campus, public university in Angola, headquartered in Cabinda. The University pays homage to the day of Angola’s independence on 11 November 1975.

UON structure

Cabinda Campus

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Polytechnic Institute of Cabinda

Buco Zau Campus

  • Institute of Science Education
  • Biology Teaching Course
  • History Teaching Course
  • Mathematics Teaching Course
  • Education Course
  • Psychology Teaching Course
  • Portuguese Language Teaching Course
  • English Language Teaching Course

M’Banza Kongo Campus

  • Polytechnic School of M’Banza Kongo
  • Physics Teaching Course
  • Mathematics Teaching Course
  • Psychology Teaching Course
  • Chemistry Teaching Course
  • Degree in Business Management

Soyo Campus

  • Higher Polytechnic School of Soyo
  • Mathematics Teaching Course
  • Education Course
  • Computer Engineering
  • Organisation and Industrial Maintenance. UAN’s Institutional Development Plan provides structure and expansion into four zones of education and research:
  • Teaching and Research in Cabinda (predominantly Health Sciences)
  • Teaching and Research in Mbanza Kongo (mainly Human Sciences)
  • Teaching and Research in Buco Zau (mainly Agro-Forestry and Environmental Engineering)
  •  Education and Research in Soyo (mainly industry)


The areas of knowledge are:

  • Science education: biology, physics, mathematics, psychology, pedagogy, chemistry; education, English language teaching
  • Economics: Macroeconomics; Science management, notably business management, accounting, finance and audit; and Legal and civil sciences
  • Health sciences: nursing, clinical psychology, medicine

Organisational structure:

In this academic year the UON has seven academic units and 18 courses to degree level:

Cabinda Province

  • Faculty of Law: Legal-Civil Sciences Course
  • School of Economics: Economics · Business Management · Accounting and auditing
  • Faculty of Medicine: General Medicine
  • Institute of Science Education: Biology · History teaching · Teaching Math · Education · Psychology · Portuguese · Teaching and studying English-speaking
  • Higher Polytechnic Institute of Cabinda: Degree in nursing · Clinical Psychology

Zaire Province

  • Higher Polytechnic School of Zaire (Mbanza Kongo): Physics · Math · Psychology · Chemical Teaching Course · Management Course companies
  • Higher Polytechnic School of Zaire (Soyo): Math Education, Education, Computer Engineering, Organisation and industrial maintenance

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