Soroti University

Vision and Mission

Prof. J. R. Ikoja Odongo, Vice-Chancellor

Prof. J. R. Ikoja Odongo, Vice-Chancellor

Vision: To be a renowned Centre of excellence that nurtures Visionaries and Innovations for building healthier and prosperous societies.

Mission: To be a Fountain of knowledge and innovation that supports development and transformation of the world. We shall realise this goal through:

  • Educating responsible, broad‐minded persons to act as future visionaries in our society.
  • Stimulating innovations that surpass traditional boundaries.
  • Building an open community of students, scholars and others, for free exchange of ideas to impact the society at large.
  • Delivering learning that is active, creative and continuous.
  • Fighting society ills of poverty, disease, ignorance and unemployment
  • Excellence and Impact
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Students at the Core
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Responsibility
  • Effective Stewardship and Sustainability

Core values

Our philosophy

Soroti University is a ‘Developmental University’ that is the engine of community engagement and development. The programmes and activities in the university will be shaped by the desire to transform lives, communities and the nation while responding to international needs. Its strategic directions will be based on pillars and strategic imperatives where every one and all people can contribute or learn from, to enable it Create, Inspire and Innovate.


The objectives for which Soroti University will be established are:

  • To improve people’s lives through preeminent education, research, and creative endeavour
  • To promote appropriate skills training, technology and innovations for national, regional integration and development
  • To promote student-based community service and training through internships and assist students gain employability and offer service in various community settings
  • To conduct specialised and enterprise based training and non-degree capacity building
  • To promote technology development, outreach and extension in aspects of University education
  • To improve on the teaching of sciences in education sector
  • To contribute to the national development agenda

Programmes to be offered

Soroti University is planned to be a Science and Technology-based University nesting on the principle of Vocationalisation of education. The following programmes shall be launched for kick-starting the university.

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  2. BSc in Nursing
  3. BSc Biomedical Sciences
  4. Bachelor of Technology. (in Electrical , Electronics, Civil and Mechanical Engineering)
  5. BSc Computer Science (major and minor courses) and Computer Engineering.
  6. BSc (major and minor courses in Mathematics, Physics, Biology Chemistry and Economics)
  7. BSc with Education.
  8. BSc Biomedical Laboratory Science and Allied Health courses
  9. BSc Accounting Finance and Computing
  10. Bachelor in Pharmacy.

Infrastructure development

Construction of the first building has started and being fully funded by the Government of Uganda. This building constitutes 9889 m² of built space for education purposes and when complete will provide a state-of-the-art, modern learning environment for over 2000 students per session and 100 staff office space.


Artistic impression of the Soroti University building under construction

Academic units


  • School Medicine and Health Sciences
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • School of Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences
  • School of Open and Distance Learning

Opening date

Date for opening of the University is end of December 2015. It is envisaged that the first intake of students is early 2016.

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