Tete Polytechnic Institute for Higher Education


Knowledge of Quality, Ethics, Efficiency and Equality

Tete Polytechnic Institute for Higher Education (ISPT) is a public institution founded in August 2005 to respond to the needs of Mozambique for engineering training in the mining sector.

The Polytechnic provides student-centred training through professional practice and guidance in the field of business development.


Strategic Plan 2013-2021, approved in 2013 by the ISPT Administrative and Financial Council, identified three key pillars for continued development of the Polytechnic:

  • Quality and Educational Access
  • Institutional Development
  • Research and Extension


The Polytechnic of Tete plays a major role in providing national qualified staff to the labour market, especially for mining companies operating in the country and particularly in Tete Province.


The ISPT is devoting its attention to fulfill the need for gender balance in terms of lecturers, administrative staff, and students with the percentage of women still being less than 40%.

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