Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators (CASTME)

CASTME works to advance the social relevance of the teaching of science, technology and mathematics through networking of educators in these subjects in the Commonwealth and promote this through delivering the relevant Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Address: c/o Scholarships Department, University of Westminster, 101 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6XH, UK UK Secretary, Chris McLaren

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Foundation: 1974


Chair: Colin Matheson, University of Westminster (email:; Administrator: Chris McLaren


The association promotes networking between science, technology and mathematics educators to promote good practice in the teaching of science, technology and mathematics, and in the development of curricula and learning materials and activities for learners with an emphasis on the MDGs. CASTME publishes a journal focusing on socially relevant aspects of the subjects and the links between them. An electronic newsletter was established in the Commonwealth Year of Science and Technology (2010) to update members and interested educators. To promote innovations, CASTME runs an annual award scheme in which teachers and teacher educators are invited to submit completed innovative projects. Professionals from some 35 Commonwealth countries have received such awards. At the present time CASTME has branches in Europe, Mauritius, Asia and Africa.

CASTME has also developed a number of capacity-building scholarships with the University of Westminster (UK), for suitably qualified applicants to take Masters programmes and who will return to their home countries to develop CASTME’s aims and in particular the MDGs. It established a number of new initiatives in 2010 for the Commonwealth Year of Science and Technology.