Commonwealth Education Partnerships 2014 / 15

Commonwealth Education Partnerships is the essential overview of education in the Commonwealth. This year’s edition draws on our 2014 theme ‘Team Commonwealth’ reminding us that academic co-operation and interaction are intrinsic to building bridges between the people and communities of the Commonwealth.


Foreword Commonwealth Secretary-General – Kamalesh Sharma


Higher education and sustainable development

  • At the sharp end: Education for sustainable development in small states – Terra Sprague, Michael Crossley and Keith Holmes
  • Environmental uncertainty in the Caribbean – Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor-General, Saint Lucia
  • Community learning for sustainability: Examples from different regions – Ian Douglas
  • Education for sustainable development: Re-imagining scholarships and research – Su-ming Khoo
  • The Ford Foundation’s International Fellowships Program – Joan Dassin
  • DFID: Supporting education in the Commonwealth – Nicola Watt, Chris Berry and Evelyn Ashton-Griffiths
  • The impact of tertiary education on growth and development – Moses Oketch, Tristan McCowan and Rebecca Schendel
  • The effect of tuition fees on higher education in England and Wales – Katie Silvester

Accessing high-quality education

  • Education in Ghana 2006-13: A view from the UK – Roger Cunningham and Kingsley Arkorful
  • Free education policy and its challenges: Sri Lanka – Madura M. Wehella and B. M. Jayantha Balasooriya
  • How Bangladesh sought to improve its primary-school textbooks – Andy Smart
  • Gender, development and education in Caribbean SIDS – Leith Dunn
  • Perceptions of the primary curriculum in Jamaica: One size fits all? – Carmel Roofe
  • Early literature in South Africa: The promise of book sharing – Peter J. Cooper, Lynne Murray, Mark Tomlinson and Zahir Vally
  • Book Aid International: Vibrant libraries and empowered communities – Alison Hubert, Book Aid International
  • The evolution of Brunei’s approach to bilingual education – Anna Riggall
  • Exploring the role of private schools in developing countries – Laura Day Ashley, Claire Mcloughlin and Richard Batley

Technology in education

  • Open educational resources: Barriers and potential in Tanzania – Joel Mtebe and Roope Raisamo
  • ICTs and transformation in Africa: Three perspectives – From the eLearning Africa Report 2014
  • Technology: The great divider?  – Tim Unwin
  • TVET and mobility: Experiences from the Australia-Pacific Technical College – Michael A. Clemens and Stephen Howes
  • M-learning: Interactivity and the humanitarian context – Anthony Ralston