The Teaching Service Commission

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The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) oversees all matters related to the terms and conditions of teacher services as regulated by the Teaching Service Act 1988 (Consolidated to no. 20 of 1995).

Sections within the Commission

Industrial and general: teachers’ conditions; salaries; allowances; leave; resignations; and retirement.

Appointments: teachers’ admission/readmission; and creating, re-classifying or abolishing of teaching positions.

Legal: all legal and legislative matters including amendments to the Teaching Service Acts.

Information Management: collection, processing and timely dissemination of TSC information to the National Department of Education, Division of Education in all provinces, other government departments and for public consumption.

Administration: secretarial services to the Commission.

Commissioners and Advisers

Commissioner: Chairman

Commissioner: Policy

Commissioner: Operation

The Commissioners are involved in policy making in industrial and arbitration matters with various players within the teaching service, including: the Papua New Guinea Teachers Association; National Department of Education; government agencies; churches; and other bodies that have an impact on the terms and conditions of teachers.

TSC has four Regional Advisors in the Highlands: Momase; Southern Region; and New Guinea Islands. Their roles include counselling provincial authorities on TSC matters and advising TSC on provincial matters.

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