Tanzania Teachers’ Union


The politically independent Tanzania Teachers’ Union (TTU), established in 1993 under the Employment and Labour Relations Act of 2004, is an umbrella trade union of teachers in Tanzania.

The goal of the Union is to develop a democratic and effective trade union that seeks to strengthen its teachers professionally and socially. It is the objective of TTU to be a strong and active negotiator and social partner, both at the local and national level.

In a bid to create loan relief to teachers and access to affordable banking products and services, TTU established the Mwalimu Commercial Bank (MCB). With over 200,000 members across all regions in Tanzania, TTU will own 16 per cent and the Union’s economic wing, the Teacher’s Development Company Limited, 4 per cent of MCB PLC’s issued and fully paid up capital. The rest, 80 per cent, will be available to the general public. MCB will enable teachers to overcome economic hardships, improve their standard of living and contribute to national development.

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