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Dr Gideon Maina J.K. – PhD, Vice-Chancellor

I wish to express my gratitude to Commonwealth Education for this great partnership. It is in the interest of both our institutions to collaborate on various aspects that would have mutual benefit to us all. Pioneer International University looks forward to borrowing heavily from the Commonwealth wealth of experience particularly in the education sector. We endeavour to build on the gains that this inaugural collaboration presents as we face the future.

The vision of Pioneer International University (PIU) is to be a world-class, market-driven university of excellence for the good of society. To attain this vision the University shall consciously and deliberately direct resources on advancement of knowledge through cutting-edge research and innovation, melding our rich experiences into holistic, educative processes that expand horizons, produce high calibre leaders, nurture creativity and meet the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of stakeholders.

The philosophy of PIU is grounded on innovation through opening new areas of thought, research and development. Founded on the spirit of pioneership, Pioneer International University is where people and ideas come together to develop in each member of the PIU family the ability and passion to work creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind.

As an institution built on the principles of intellectual excellence, we are committed to providing high quality, internationally competitive education, founded on high academic standards, cutting-edge research, public engagement, and productive partnerships with leading institutions in Africa and beyond.

At the University, apart from the academic programmes, various other programmes have been initiated to prepare students for life after campus: maximising the transformation that comes with academia-industry partnerships, we have engaged various banks, industries, professionals in Kenya and abroad to bring the world to PIU. Moreover, students’ placement and internships are part of students’ experience at PIU. Indeed most of these programmes are anchored in transformational life skills whose ultimate goal is to prepare our students to play a transformational role in their communities, country and the world. It is indeed an experience to be a member of the PIU family!

In the next 5 to 10 years, we intend to create new programmes that merge part of our academic curriculum with other sectors such as aviation, media, technology, oil and gas, maritime security, law and governance and education. We also intend to support the funding and application of research and position the university as a driver of innovation and growth. PIU is a Microsoft IT Academy; we provide our faculty and students alike with a digital curriculum and certification for fundamental technological skills. The dream is to make PIU, in collaboration with Microsoft, the University of choice in ICT in Africa.

Finally, PIU is very keen on community engagement and service. We continue to collaborate with communities to enhance communal transformation but more importantly for service learning to our students. Indeed, the leadership and mentorship programme that we inaugurated this year for the high school leavers has gone a long way in preparing the young generation to take their place in the transformational arena in Kenya and the region.

Our students and staff who are from across Africa gives PIU a unique character as a melting pot of cultural experiences. International students are welcome at PIU because they fundamentally contribute to the exchange of knowledge, ideas and insights. We have modern hostels professionally run to take care of all our students.

Conclusively, the quality of our graduates will be reflected in the totality of their character. It is our commitment to provide holistic education to our students. We appreciate that education without character is a nullity and we intend to train our students that honesty, integrity, humility, respect, obedience, hard work amongst other virtues, count in life.

We call upon all within the Commonwealth family and beyond to join PIU and be part of this great and wonderful holistic experience.

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