Governments across the world are spending billions on improving curricula and creating cutting-edge environments in an effort to improve academic achievement. Nevertheless, students are still struggling to keep up with their studies. There is a gap that is growing each year, between students and the information which they have to study.

The LectorSA story began with a quest to understand and enhance the measurable aspects of interaction between the eyes and the brain. LectorSA is a South African-based company, which developed the LAB-ON-LINE reading solution based on more than 30 years of research and practical implementation.


  • Equips students with effective reading skills and strategies to bypass limitations produced by traditional and conventional methods of reading.
  • Is focused on individuals and groups. The built-in interphase positions the LAB solution for mass consumer uptake
  • Is in line with international research.
  • Is monitored on-line by Reading Specialists at the LectorSA Office, making step-by-step monitoring possible in order to ensure accurate implementation at grassroots level.

This CLOUD-based solution allows users to log-on and continue with skills development on PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphones.


  • Develops Visual Skills, Perceptual and Memory Skills.
  • Develops Vocabulary and Language Skills.
  • Develops Reading Strategies and Comprehension Skills.
  • Improves Study Skills and Academic Outcomes.
  • Gives real-time results for individual exercises, students, groups and countries.

LAB-ON-LINE considers all the factors involved in reading and packages this together with individually focused algorithms to ensure the best improvement on all levels for each user. Improved results in perceptual skills, visual efficiency, reading fluency, sight vocabulary, and language and comprehension skills development during the 20 lessons are proven to be transferred into academic outcomes.

LAB-on-line has proven that by exercising the eyes and training the brain we can increase the activity in the brain, which plays a central role in mental health and ability. Training and increasing eye-brain performance produces healthier, stronger minds. This means that interaction with LAB increases neuro-plasticity. LAB-ON-LINE effectively bridges the GAP between the student and the curriculum.

LAB-ON-LINE wad launched in 2011 and has a proven track record of effective intervention and development of crucial skills. We have a wide variety of users, from private students, through government schools, private schools, FET College students and Tertiary Institutions.

Overall results for 2014 indicate an average improvement of ten years in efficiency of skills from Grade 1 to Grade 12 for participants.

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