Jackson Educational Complex


Prof. Ebenezer A. Jackson, Director and Theodosia W. Jackson, Principal


This is to welcome you to the Jackson Educational Complex (JEC), currently running a three-year Diploma in Basic Education through Distance Learning. The proprietors, Prof. Ebenezer A. Jackson and Mrs Theodosia W. Jackson, are both educationists and established it in 2009.

The public colleges of education cannot supply the number of trained teachers needed in the country. In addition, there are a number of untrained teachers in the rural areas who cannot afford to go to the public institutions as full time students. The Jackson College of Education, a department of the Jackson Educational Complex, was therefore established to assist these mature people and give them the opportunity to upgrade themselves as trained teachers who will be teaching during the week and attend lectures over weekends. In addition, opportunity is also given to the young ones who are idling, to improve upon their educational standards by becoming trained teachers.

The College was established in November 2009 with 284 students in three face-to-face learning centres. The current student enrolment for the 2014/2015 academic year is 6,759. There are now 33 study centres spread across all ten regions of Ghana. This shows the successful take-off of the institution and must be encouraged to help the country in its training of teachers. We are using the same syllabus as the public colleges of education whose lecturers are teaching JEC students on a part-time basis.

Tertiary education institutions are encouraged to forge links with institutions at home and abroad to exploit the benefits of international co-operation and local collaboration. The Jackson College of Education is the first private college of education by distance in Ghana and has its teething challenges. All our facilities for teaching are rented. However, we now have our own main office in Kumasi.

JEC needs support to achieve its main objective of improving the standard of teachers in the country through academic and moral training. Any institution willing to co-operate with JEC in achieving its aim, is welcome.

Prof. E.A. Jackson, Director

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