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The Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology is the umbrella institution covering the Institute of Purchasing and Marketing Consultants, the Institute of Engineering Management and the Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supply Administrators of Nigeria (CIPSAN) www.cipsmn.net.

Ibadan Graduate School has been formatted to suit the needs of busy professionals. We focus on a high level of management practice, combining academic research with practical business awareness. We encourage the integration of professional business experience with theoretical knowledge and understanding.

If you are looking for a course to complement your existing knowledge or to better your career prospects in business, accounting, marketing, engineering or education, our Graduate School is the one-stop-shop for holders of Advanced Diplomas of Poly Consult, Higher Diplomas and professionals (or part qualified) who desire a Bachelor’s degree.

Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology awards higher graduate and advanced postgraduate diplomas with the full co-operation of the International University, Bamenda, Cameroon. The university provides the curriculum and moderates our examinations towards bachelors and masters degrees. Invariably, diploma holders of the Ibadan Graduate School automatically become graduates of the International University, Bamenda, through the superior Academic Credit Exchange.

Mufutau Adebowale

Dr Mufutau A. Adebowale

Dr MUFUTAU A. ADEBOWALE (PhD Management University of Hertfordshire, UK)

Dr Adebowale has more than 30 years’ professional work experience and skills development in Purchasing and Supplies Management. He is a visiting Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management at the International University, Bamenda.

Why Ibadan Graduate School?

  1. Superior diploma programmes handled by excellent lecturers with firsthand business experience.
  2. The rare opportunity to unite theory and practice to become an authority in one’s field.
  3. Customised, accelerated programmes leading to bachelors and masters degrees through the Academic Credit Exchange.
  4. Development of transferable skills, the ability to work in teams and groups and exposure to current best practices in management and automobile/plant engineering.
  5. Affordable fees.

Come to Ibadan Graduate School of Management and Technology for superior knowledge.

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