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Message from the Executive Director,
Mrs Daisy Mmabatho Molefhi

Mrs Daisy Molefhi - Executive Director

Mrs Daisy Molefhi – Executive Director

In its pursuit of excellence ABM continues to aim higher as it strives towards its goal of not only becoming a University of Choice, but also a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Business leadership. In this way, this would impact Botswana but, the dream is to impact the region and ultimately make its impact felt beyond the region.

The focus on entrepreneurship will significantly address youth unemployment issues, which are not only a challenge in Botswana, but also in the region, while this leadership development component attempts to contribute in developing leaders of tomorrow to close the prevailing gap.

As part of our commitment to enhance the employability of all our students, in all types and sizes of organisations, our curriculum has been developed with a strong emphasis on industry relevant skills, underpinned by sound understanding of the industry. Our robust and dynamic curriculum tries to be responsive to the industry needs as we have forged some close and unique ties with industry. Through engagement with elements of skills and work-based learning, that is, during industrial attachment our students are able to relate the subject knowledge to context specific theory and practice in the real world of business.

Mrs Joyce KeitumetseMaphorisa-Vice Chairperson

Mrs Joyce Keitumetse Maphorisa-Vice Chairperson

In essence, our programmes of study develop students’ ability to evaluate critical standard practices and offer alternative solutions to problems encountered in a complex business environment, thus creative, innovative and hands-on graduates. This is a well-calculated move as creative and innovative employees are vital to an organisation’s future success.

In a bid to develop a well-grounded graduate who does not only poses subject knowledge but also holds life skills, which will place them in good stead in the work place, the institution undertook a curriculum overhaul. This resulted in the infusion of certain compulsory modules which cut across the programme divide. These compulsory modules are Entrepreneurship, Computer Appreciation and Awareness, Contemporary and Future Scientific Issues, Leadership Development and Self-realisation. The importance of these compulsory modules cannot be over emphasised as they address skills gaps.

The compulsory modules act as a catalyst in developing skills related to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship and in the process increasing the students’ understanding and awareness of contemporary issues within a fast moving global environment. One of the modules also addresses the issues pertaining to self-awareness in order to unleash the potential of our students.

Mrs Boipelo Lucia Seitlhamo

Mrs Boipelo Lucia Seitlhamo

The significance of acquiring work-related skills has never been more evident. This is compounded by fierce competition in the job market and the intricacies in the job market. ABMUC is proud to help its students to acquire the qualifications and skills that prove so attractive to future employers.

The institution has developed and accredited its flagship programmes which are in line with the strategic direction of the organization of transforming into a University of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership. The programmes are Certificate and Diploma in Business Leadership Development and Certificate and Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development.

In a bid to sharpen the competence of our alumni, the institution hosts intensive training programmes in entrepreneurship. These workshops give the alumni an opportunity to review the behaviours, skills and knowledge surrounding entrepreneurship. This gives them a chance to come into direct contact with practicing entrepreneurs who usually share real life experiences with them.

In a nutshell, ABM has made and continues to make significant strides in raising a generation of prosperous entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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