Universities and Colleges in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a partner in the regional University of the South Pacific, which has its main campus in Suva, Fiji, and a campus, the Emalus Campus, in Port Vila, Vanuatu, where 700-1,000 students per semester are enrolled for certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate courses, using the university’s distance-learning facilities. The university’s law school and teaching programmes in Pacific languages and early childhood education are based at the Emalus Campus.

Institutions offering tertiary education include the Institute of Technology, which offers courses in business and technical education; Institute of Teacher Education; and College of Nursing Education, all of which are located in Port Vila. Literacy among people aged 15-24 is 94.9 per cent (2012).

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Universities and Colleges in Vanuatu
University of the South Pacific Emalus Campus
Vanuatu Maritime College