Schools in New Zealand

Gross enrolment overall: 105.6%* (2012)

Primary female–male ratio: 1.00:1 (2012)

Secondary female–male ratio: 1.05:1 (2012)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 14.6:1 (2012)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 14.4:1 (2012)

There are 12 years of compulsory education starting at the age of five. Primary school comprises six years and secondary seven, with cycles of four and three years. The school year starts in January.

*The GER may be greater than 100 per cent when students younger or older than the official age for a given level of education are enrolled in that level.

Schools in New Zealand
Corran School
Geraldine High School
Independent Schools of New Zealand
James Hargest College
Northern Southland College
Waihopai School