Schools in Australia

Gross enrolment overall: 110.2%* (2010)

Primary female–male ratio: 0.99:1 (2010)

Secondary female–male ratio: 0.95:1 (2010)

Responsibility for education lies with the states and education systems vary. There are 11 years of compulsory education starting at age five. The school year starts in January.

*The GER may be greater than 100 per cent when students younger or older than the official age for a given level of education are enrolled in that level.

Schools in Australia
Aetaomah School
Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia
Barker College
Calrossy School
Concordia College
Dunmore Lang College
Eynesbury College
Glenaeon School
Henschke Primary School
Ignatius Park College
John Paul College
Kimberley College
Kormilda College
Meadowbank School
Mueller College
Nagle College
Oakhill College
Padua College
Prouille School
Rosary School
Rosebank College
San Clemente High School
Seton College
Tallowood School
Waverley College