Education in Australia

Joined Commonwealth: 1931 (Statute of Westminster)

Population: 23,050,000 (2012)

GDP p.c. growth: 1.8% p.a. 1990–2012

UN HDI 2012: world ranking 2

Net primary education: 96.9% (2012)

Net secondary education: 85.3% (2012)

Gross tertiary education: 86.3% (2012)

Public spending on education was 5.6 per cent of GDP in 2010.
The Australian Government is committed to working with state and territory governments, as well as faith and independent school sectors, to make sustainable and meaningful change in the way teaching and learning are delivered in Australian schools.

Responsibility for education lies with the states and education systems vary. There are 11 years of compulsory education starting at the age of five. The school year starts in January

There are 39 universities with more than one million students enrolled, 37 of which are public institutions (2013). The female-male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 1.4:1 (2012). There is virtually no illiteracy among people aged 15-24.