Schools in Maldives

Primary female–male ratio: 0.98:1 (2011)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 11.4:1 (2012)

There are seven years of compulsory education starting at the age of six. Primary school comprises seven years and secondary five, with cycles of three and two years. All administrative atolls have government primary schools and an education centre providing education for all age groups. Most of the many private schools receive state subsidies and are run by the community. The school year starts in January.

There are three streams of Maldivian education: traditional religious schools (makhtabs and madrassas), which teach the Qur’an, basic arithmetic, and the ability to read and write Dhivehi; modern Dhivehi-language primary schools; and modern English-language schools, which were modelled on the British system of education.

Schools in Maldives