Universities and Colleges in Namibia

The principal tertiary institution is the University of Namibia, established in 1993, with its main campus in Windhoek and nine other campuses across the country. The university offers courses in agriculture and natural resources, economics and management sciences, education, engineering and information technology, medical and health sciences, and law. There are also a polytechnic, technical and agricultural colleges, and four national teacher training colleges. Namibian College of Open Learning provides open and distance learning. The female-male ratio for gross enrolment in tertiary education is 1.3:1 (2008). Literacy among people aged 15-24 is 93 per cent (2010). There are extensive adult literacy programmes.

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Universities and Colleges in Namibia
Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL)
Polytechnic of Namibia
University Centre for Studies in Namibia
University of Namibia
Windhoek College of Education