Schools in Cameroon

Gross enrolment overall: 67.3% (2011)

Primary female–male ratio: 0.87:1 (2011)

Secondary female–male ratio: 0.84:1 (2011)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 45:1 (2011)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 24:1 (2011)

There are six years of compulsory education starting at age six. Primary school comprises six or seven years and secondary seven, with a first cycle of four or five years. School attendance is lower in the Far North province, where the population is partly nomadic. Some 66% of pupils complete primary school (2009). The school year starts in September. Many secondary schools are bilingual, with instruction in both French and English. Faith schools play an important role in the education system and are partly subsidised by the government.

Schools in Cameroon
American School of Yaoundé
College Prive Larousse
Ecole International Le Flamboyant
Islamic High School (IHS)
Rainforest International School
Yondo International High School